Why Rolf?

I came to Rolf work out of sheer desperation after hearing I needed lumbar fusions and rods in my back. I skipped the surgeries and went with Structural Integration, which changed my life.

I understand first hand what chronic pain and compression feels like. This work presents a self-empowering and life affirming alternative.

I was a nationally ranked javelin thrower, river guide and professional firefighter for the City of Seattle. Ever intrigued by the juncture of the physical and metaphysical, I pursed a Ph.D. in Philosophy.

I practice in West Seattle and Lake Union, and am the Rolf practitioner for the Washington Athletic Club.

I am humbled by the power and potential of this work and look forward to sharing it with you.

- Certified 1997 from Guild for Structural Integration.

- Practitioner under Master Teachers Emmet Hutchins and Neal Powers.

- Mentored and inspired by Master Teacher, and step father, David Davis.


Rolf Method of Structural Integration

Ready to feel Taller, Lighter and Aligned?

Structural Integration addresses the lingering effects of accidents and illness, trauma, repetitive motion injuries, and aging. You'll experience improved posture, expanded inspiration, and increased flexibility.


“Structural Integration is a process, a process of deep soft tissue manipulation, a process of anatomical organization, a process through which the line of the human body and it’s major segments – head, neck, shoulders, thorax, pelvis, legs, feet – are brought into greater conformity within the vertical line of gravity.”   - Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D.