Something happens everytime I get on Lisa’s table that is quite frankly deep and magical. After each session, I simply feel more at ease, I breathe better and I stand taller. I love it. 
— C. Mackay, Executive Director
I have had trauma around my midriff from lipo- suction that always made me feel constricted. Lisa somehow worked away the net of scar tissue which resulted in a lengthening of my waist that was dramatic. It was a beautiful transformation. I love my waist again.
— S. McCrae, Software Engineer
Lisa has an amazing combination of skill, intuition, and empathy that puts me at ease on the table and makes me feel stronger, taller, and more balanced when I walk out the door. She’s been able to relieve pain spots I’ve been holding for years and couldn’t solve in PT, chiro, or other methods
— E Touger, Technical Writer
I can say without any hesitation that working with Lisa has improved my quality of life immeasurably.  As a former Pilates instructor and avid yoga lover, I was always baffled as to why I had chronic shooting nerve pain down my left leg, when I was hyper aware of alignment and precision while exercising.  Lisa discovered almost immediately an internal twisting pattern that wound all the way into my abdomen from my big toe.  By correcting it, I am virtually pain free, and what’s more, I trust my body to both carry me on long hikes, or to simply stand in the kitchen for longer than 10 minutes.  I am extremely grateful and in awe of Lisa’s intuition, which found something in me that no other modality had been able to help before.
— R. Anderson, LAc
When I’m on Lisa’s table, I’m able to tune into my body and discover where I have been holding tension. Lisa coaches me to direct my breath to painful, tense areas as she works, and together we are able to release them. I feel more free and balanced in my body after each session. I’m also able to recognize and correct old, unhealthy postural and movement patterns.
— A. Wylde, LMP
The ten series was amazing!  Not only did I experience a lengthening of my body, which caused a slimmer waist, longer legs and straighter step but I also experienced a surge of creative energy and confidence.
Throughout the process I felt totally at ease. Lisa is both experienced and intuitive in her approach to realigning the body.
— M. Miles, Professional Artist