How much does is cost?

The fee per session is $145 due at the time of service. Cash, checks and cards are acceptable. I am happy to provide you with a receipt to submit to your insurance as I do not bill directly.

How long does a session last?

Sessions generally last 60-75 minutes but it's best to allow 90 minutes in your schedule.

What do I wear?

Comfortable, appropriate underwear, swimsuits, or shorts for men and women. Sports bras are recommended for women.

Do I have to do the ten series?

It depends on your goals. The ten series is a powerful and life-changing process. However, benefits can be achieved in a single session, so you are welcome to come in and try it out. Alternatively, you might begin with three sessions, experience how the method works as a consecutive process which builds on itself, and then continue with the remaining sessions when the time is right for you.

Does the work last?

Yes, clients often notice positive structural changes in their bodies up to a year after receiving work. However, when life bangs you up a bit, or you experience stress and/or accidents, periodic “tune-up” sessions are a wonderful way to get you back in alignment. 

Does it hurt?

The client is always in charge of pressure in this honoring space. If tissue is dry and adhered, there can be some discomfort as its freed up, but it should be the “hurts so good” feeling, where something that's been stuck, for ever so long, is finally letting go.

Rest assured, you will feel in control and comfortable as we partner in this creative process. After the first session you will see there is nothing to worry about and enjoy newfound ease and self-empowerment. I aim to keep the work fun and lighthearted while facilitating release as it presents in a myriad of ways unique to your needs as the client.

Can children get the work?

People of all ages can benefit from Structural Integration. The earlier strain patterns are addressed, the better. Children, in general, are more fluid and their tissue more pliable. Call me and we can talk. Children’s fee are reduced.



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