Rolfing involves integration of the whole person. It is a personal journey of education and liberation. It works to correct posture, tension, and imbalance in the body, while simultaneously evoking new possibilities and a sense of well being and uprightness.

Structural Integration is accomplished by working with connective tissue called fascia, which envelopes each muscle, organ, bone, and nerve. This facial tissue is like a 3D web throughout the body.

Because fascia is a highly adaptable and plastic-like medium, it can shorten and harden with stress, accidents, traumas and emotional pains. The body then has no option but to breath, move, and Be... within these inhibiting patterns.

However, because fascia is so adaptable, these strain patterns can be significantly relieved, revealing newfound space and options.

As the practitioner applies direct pressure and simultaneously calls for small, precise movements from the client, or asks them to breathe into restricted areas, fascial patterns that no longer serve are released. New patterns of ease and efficiency are introduced. Things that were stuck can glide, joints can move, breath is freed; and the body is taller and lighter as a result.


An integrated body feels free, balanced, and supported.

Rolfing is named after its founder, Dr. Ida P. Rolf, biochemist and scientist. Although Dr. Rolf’s work was widely influenced by Hatha Yoga, Osteopathy and other healing and personal-potential modalities, she always presented her work in a down-to-earth manner saying, “Gravity is the Therapist.” 

Dr. Rolf’s teaching emphasized the concept of an intentional line relating the realm of material particles, of basic physics, to the non-material world of energy fields. Thus, personal alignment around and within this Line implies alignment and integration on all levels of the Being: mind, body, and spirit. The Ten Series is designed to explore this practical and visionary concept.

Dr. Rolf’s understanding of how one’s experience of Being is anchored in the human structure and gravitational field came in part from her experience and knowledge as a biochemist.  Believing the body is the personality, Dr. Rolf purported there is no such thing as aberrant psychology,  just perverted physiology. She was also known to tease the academic crowd saying, although their lofty theories were fine, she preferred something she could put her elbow into.